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INSPIRED BY Author Kim O'Hara's self-help book No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse: Making The Choices That Can Change Your life

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SESSION nineteen: Romantic Love

Based on Chapter Nineteen, we explore how we look at love and romantic partnerships after we start to face the abuse. Many of us did not love ourselves, and engaged in toxic behaviors due to the conditioning of the abuse. We not only attracted toxic partners, but we were also caught in a state of wearing a mask to hide our pain from loved ones and people who could help us. We grew good at keeping ourselves separate from real love and intimacy.

In this session, we give insights into how we found pathways to seek healthy romantic partnership, resist repeating abusive patterns, and find sustainable loving relationships with ourselves so we can attract loving partners.

The book Pretty Divorce takes you on a journey through Marie’s life. Beginning with several significant family losses, Marie becomes a teenage mom, and lives through a twenty-five-year toxic relationship with the father of her four children. In a marriage that involved infidelity, drugs, and abuse, she finally found her way out, got divorced, and overcame the odds of abused women who stay. She acquired three degrees, and has had a twenty-plus year career as an educator. Today she is in a healthy marriage and has two handsome grandsons. Marie is on a mission to use her experiences to help other women and young girls escape the same horrible mistakes she made.

Kim O'Hara

I am so glad you found this safe teaching space where twice a month for 21 weeks I will bring in a Guest Author to teach on the phases of coming out of abuse denial outlined in this book. I woke up from a dream when I was 42 understanding I was molested as a young child, and my whole life changed forever… for the better.

But not right away.

I went through some very painful stages, lost without support groups that could take me on a linear path of recovery or remove a victim mentality. I understood I had to walk through the shedding of denial first so I could write about it in my book, and then teach the process in hindsight.

When we have been abused, our subconscious lies about the truth to us for as long as it can before we are emotionally ready. For some, this is quick, but for many others like me, it took decades to face the abuse, understand the past and find a new voice. By then, I had already functioned as a false persona in so many areas of my life for so long, I didn’t even know who I was. Abuse had altered my original identity and affected the way I handled money, spirituality, friendships, success, and my ability to love myself.

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“This book is truly a gift to sexual abuse survivors. Kim delivers a courageously candid and insightful depiction of her devastating experience as a survivor of incest.”

Session Nineteen: Romantic Love

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