No Longer Abused
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INSPIRED BY Author Kim O'Hara's self-help book No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse: Making The Choices That Can Change Your life

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SESSION Seventeen: Your Body is your friend

Based on Chapter Seventeen, we explore the fraught relationship for many abuse survivors with their bodies due to the way they are treated by their abusers and disassociation. Often trapped by the abuse and frozen by terror, they turn that projected hate and violence on to themselves. We become mirrors of the shame of actions that were done to us, often when we were small children. Now, in recovery, we get to stop binging, over exercising, and ignoring our bodies, and become friends with them. We get to have a new relationship with our body. One of loving consideration.

Author and abuse survivor Naomi Joseph had a twenty six year career helping children with feeding and swallowing disorders (dysphagia). She also is an independent consultant with a health and wellness company. Her career as a thriving and seasoned entrepreneur gave way to creative projects where she could help others find their best, healthiest lives.

In her book, she shares her 40 year journey through Binge Eating Disorder and liberation from her struggle with food - what she identifes in this book is the root of her food addiction which was the abusive manner in which her father ran his household. It was through Naomi's research for her workbook "Conquer Your Binge" (November 2023), and leading zoom courses for those suffering from binge eating disorder, that the idea for a 12 Week Course, and Soul Nation, Inc. was born.

Kim O'Hara

I am so glad you found this safe teaching space where twice a month for 21 weeks I will bring in a Guest Author to teach on the phases of coming out of abuse denial outlined in this book. I woke up from a dream when I was 42 understanding I was molested as a young child, and my whole life changed forever… for the better.

But not right away.

I went through some very painful stages, lost without support groups that could take me on a linear path of recovery or remove a victim mentality. I understood I had to walk through the shedding of denial first so I could write about it in my book, and then teach the process in hindsight.

When we have been abused, our subconscious lies about the truth to us for as long as it can before we are emotionally ready. For some, this is quick, but for many others like me, it took decades to face the abuse, understand the past and find a new voice. By then, I had already functioned as a false persona in so many areas of my life for so long, I didn’t even know who I was. Abuse had altered my original identity and affected the way I handled money, spirituality, friendships, success, and my ability to love myself.

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“This book is truly a gift to sexual abuse survivors. Kim delivers a courageously candid and insightful depiction of her devastating experience as a survivor of incest.”

Session Seventeen: Your Body is your Friend

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