No Longer Abused
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INSPIRED BY Author Kim O'Hara's self-help book No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse: Making The Choices That Can Change Your life

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SESSION Five: Fight or flight

Based on Chapter Five, anxiety and panic attacks can occur when we start to dislodge memories of the past and live outside our denial. While you don't need to have watched Sessions 1-4 of this series to benefit from this session on fight or flight, we do have these reactions when we engage in stepping out into a new self and have our new voice (Session 4.) I cannot stress enough the importance of spiritual alignment with self to calm the nervous system because for a long time we had to defend ourselves from people who meant to do us harm. Now we have to manage the voices in our own head that judge and compare, and learn to treat ourselves with consideration and kindness. I will share a four part breathing exercise from my book.

Kim O'Hara

I am so glad you found this safe teaching space. If you are following along with the recorded sessions of this series and find it making a difference in your life, please reach out a hand to someone who is still living in the shame of their secret and the dark shadows of their past by sharing the link to our home page where all the sessions are available to download. As I progressed through the eleven years of my recovery, I grew stronger and more confident on what I needed in my life to feel better and exist as the unique me. This gave me the voice to share honestly about my panic attacks and solutions I sought to heal.

“This book is truly a gift to sexual abuse survivors. Kim delivers a courageously candid and insightful depiction of her devastating experience as a survivor of incest.”

Session Five: Fight or Flight

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